RulesToLiveBy are rules everyone should know in order to live a great life. They're sayings to get you through the day. They're there for the good times and the bad. Enjoy (:

Rule #214.

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.

Rule #213.

Most of the things you worry about, never happen.

Rule #212.

At any given moment, you have the power to say “this is NOT how the story is going to end.”

Rule #211.

Forgiveness is not something we do for other people. We do it for ourselves, to get well and move on.

Rule #210.

Holding a grudge is letting someone live rent-free in your head.

Rule #209.

You are more important than you realize.

Rule #208.

You need to forgive that person today. Believe me. Just do it.

Rule #207.

You hate your life while some people dream of having your life.

Rule #206.

Don’t think too much. You’ll create a problem that wasn’t even there in the first place.

Rule #205.

The word ‘listen’ contains the same letters as the word ‘silent.’

Rule #204.

People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.

Rule #203.

Be with someone who knows what they have when they have you.

Rule #202.

Give more than you can take.

Rule #201.

Be true to yourself.

Rule #200.

Always believe in miracles.